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Song Jiang shouted again, "Zhao Yun is an evil beast with a wolf's heart and a dog's lungs. Instead of thinking of Lingyun Temple's cultivation of heaven and earth, he maliciously slandered Lingyun Temple in an attempt to slander its thousand-year inheritance. It is really a crime that cannot be punished.". As long as you think about it a little, you will know that what this evil animal said is contradictory and full of flaws. If Zihui Shibo died many years ago, why is there no rumor in the fairy forest? And how did Zhao Yun, the evil animal, learn the news? Can it be said that a young boy is better informed than the major sects? As soon as this remark was made, all the heroes were talking about it one after another. Even the two pairs of wonderful duels between Banxia and Beimen, Zhang Shentong and Mrs. Begonia, had no intention of looking at them carefully. Ziwei is not only the leader of the first school in Xianlin, but also the leader of the ten schools. Every word and action will have a profound impact on the future situation of Xianlin. Everyone is very concerned: "I've only heard that Zihui and Ziwei are very close. Lingyun Guan is also carried forward in the hands of his two brothers. Wei is the first school in Xianlin. If Ziwei will kill Zihui, Unless Ziwei is crazy. Zihui is a decent giant, while Zhao Yun is an evil outsider. You don't have to listen to the lies made up by Zhao Yun any more, you can know that Zhao Yun is spitting blood. Although someone did not speak, he could not help but guess in his heart: "Although Zhao Yun killed a lot of people, except for the attack on Mrs. Tang, he could not be connected with the insidious villains. At least I didn't hear Zhao Yun tell any lies.". He so grandly accused Ziwei, groundless,socket screw plug, I am afraid it will not be without cause, or wait for him to say the root cause, and then carefully judge. Ling Yelai managed to stabilize his mood and pretended to be calm, but the sour red on the edge of his beautiful eyes still revealed the extravagant hope that he did not want to believe the facts: "Zhao Yun, you tell everything you know, I hope you don't have a lie.". Otherwise,car radiator cap, my ice sword will not spare you first. Only in her subconscious, already believed that Zhao Yun did not lie. Because she had already had such a foreboding feeling: "If Master were still alive, how could he not come back to see me for so many years?"? How could it have disappeared so inexplicably that it was impossible to find any clues even after exhausting the manpower of Lingyun Guan? Just like the wind and rain roaring in the sky, it hit the heart of the girl in white, which made her divinity shake and her heart twist like a knife. But under the spinning, she still chose to be calm. If you don't even have the courage to face the tragic reality, how can you be the heir of Qinglian? "How can I tell a lie to you?" Said Zhao Yun? However, I am afraid that you may not accept the cruel truth. Even if the ambition of Ziwei Wolf is exposed, your heart is even more sad and painful, isn't it? Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my heart. I didn't dare to think about Ling Ye any more. I looked around at the group of heroes who were looking forward to it and said in a deep voice, "Then I'll start from the beginning.". On that day, I was still a disciple of Qinglian Sect of Lingyun Temple. On that day, Ling Yelai still stayed at Qiru Gate of Guixu Valley to celebrate Wang Yasheng's birthday but did not return. I finished practicing swordsmanship. As soon as Zhao Yungang said that Song Langyun had secretly attacked him, car radiator cap ,Stainless steel foundry, Song Jiang could not hold back and interrupted: "It's ridiculous!"! Waves and clouds are gentle and courteous, how can they do wrong in secret? He has no enmity with you. He has no motive to kill at all. Besides, Lingyun Guan has strict rules and forbids the same door to kill each other. How can Langyun be willing to risk his life? 438 times bite back Ziwei was livid and scolded, "Shut up!"! Didn't you hear what I said? If you want to say anything, listen to him quietly! After all, he was very discerning. As soon as he heard Zhao Yun talking about being ambushed by Song Langyun, he mentioned that Zhao Yun was chased by Tianyuan Zong that day. He escaped into the forbidden domain of the broken demon by mistake: "It seems that my suspicion has really become a fact. There is really a big problem in the forbidden domain of the broken demon. I just didn't expect that Zihui's ghost could hold out for so many years.". When you return to the temple, you must go to the forbidden place to explore. As for the immediate difficulties, we can only deal with them calmly and calmly. Sung river didn't think of oneself stand up to protect the move of the teacher for a boring, dusty face, Zhang Zhang lips, eventually is forced to hold back. But Ye Feng laughed, and his footsteps, which were as strong as mountains, suddenly moved, and he had already stopped the offensive: "Oh, why is Lingyun Guanzhu's heart in a mess?"? Is forcing me to be a villain who takes advantage of others' difficulties? This battle will be sent to you for the time being. After your brother-in-law and you analyze the truth, you and I will fight again. Ziwei was alarmed, not happy but worried: "This Ye Feng is very scheming. He pretended to be generous, but he insisted that I was confused when I heard the words. He really killed people without seeing blood.". I can't get into his way. He also smiled and said, "Mr. Ye's words are wrong. How can I be confused?"? What Zhao Yun said is true or false. Everyone has a mirror in his heart. It can be judged. There is no need for me to say more. Now that Ziwei has opened her golden mouth, no one dares to obstruct Zhao Yun's talk about the past. Zhao Yun finally talked about the key moment when he met Shizu and Shizu in the sound of fighting between the owner of Banxia and the north gate. Hiss! Hearing that Zihui was placed in the body of the ancient mythical beast in the form of a spirit body, all the heroes could not help but take a breath of cold air. They only felt that what Zhao Yun said was so incredible that they could not easily believe it, but they had to believe it: "If Zhao Yun hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have been able to conceive such a strange scene at such a young age." When Zhao Yun finished telling Zihui, everyone was silent and did not know what to do. North gate blowing blood, with Xia Lou Zhu, Mrs. Begonia, Zhang Shentong four people's fierce battle also has the tacit understanding to stop, obviously they also know that their battle is not the key to today's situation. Even though most people did not believe what Zhao Yun said, they were deeply shocked by such treacherous words. And if what Zhao Yun said is true, then Ziwei's charges of colluding with the demon world and killing the same door will never be washed away, and Lingyun Guan's reputation will suffer a disastrous decline immediately. Only Ling Yelai, with tears in his eyes, called out with deep feeling, "Master!" While they were still immersed in the story, they saw Ling Yelai suddenly turn around. His eyes were fierce, and he was even sharper than the Ice Sword. He looked straight at Ziwei in a murderous manner: "Martial Uncle, did you really kill Shifu?" Ziwei looked straight into Ling Yelai's eyes. She was Frank and had nothing to avoid. After a while, she frowned and sighed sadly: "Ye'er,deep draw stamping, why did you believe Zhao Yun's lies?"? If you suspect me, you can kill me with a sword, and I will never dodge. 。 autoparts-dx.com