Don't be a female companion [wear quickly]

The only explanation is that the little emperor was bewitched, but tracing back to the source, the first time the little emperor appeared strange, it seems that he just woke up from a coma. At that time, his eyes let people shudder, although only a flash, but Shu Ling still remember very clearly, that vicious look would like to eat her. At that time, she thought that the little emperor had not yet realized that he was mistaken, but now that she thought about it, maybe she was too optimistic. At that time, the little emperor was already wrong-he was most likely possessed by something unclean! However, for Shu Ling, the worst situation is more than that, she vaguely suspected that the culprit that made the little emperor so abnormal was the one she knew and did not want to see. Several worlds disappeared, she thought he really disappeared, at least he was full of hostility, but now the situation seems to tell her that she has been dreaming! Just like now, as soon as she returned to the princess's mansion, someone from the palace said that the little emperor had brought her into the palace to discuss something. Shu Ling listens, in the heart is more and more firm, change to be the little emperor before, won't so torment her at all. She thought about it and finally went. She wanted to make sure of one thing-was the little emperor still there? To her surprise,wire nail machine manufacturers, the little emperor really had something to do with her, for a letter-a suicide note left to her by Gu Feiyu! When Shu Ling took the letter from the little emperor, his face was a little darker than the ink. She drew a few times but failed to pull out the letter. Finally, she had to let go and said, "Since the emperor doesn't want to show it to Ruifu, then Ruifu won't read it." The little emperor had an awkward look on his face. Then he threw the letter into her arms and said, "Let me show you what is written on it." "Didn't the emperor see it?" Shu Ling was a little surprised. The little emperor glared at her angrily and said, "Am I this kind of person?" Shu Ling thought so in his heart,wire nail making machine, but did he admit it in his mouth: "Of course, the emperor is not this kind of person, but things happen for a reason, and it is not impossible." As she spoke, she took the letter aside, and when she saw the words "Your Royal Highness" written on the envelope, she felt bored for no reason. What can I write? She opened the envelope to herself. There was only a thin piece of paper inside, and it seemed that there were only a few words in the ink. She took the letter paper in her hand and did not open it. Instead, she looked at the "covetous" little emperor. "Does the emperor want to know what it says?" As soon as the little emperor's eyes narrowed, he turned his head and said, "I'm not interested in knowing." Shu Ling raised the corners of his mouth and smiled, then went to one side and lit the letter paper in his hand with the incense in the stove-the flame "boom" jumped up, but in an instant, it turned the white paper into black powder. You- "the little emperor looked at Shu Ling's action in amazement and was speechless for a moment.". Shu Ling replied with a smile, "Ruifu is not interested in knowing what is written on it. Since the emperor doesn't want to know either, wouldn't it be just right to burn it?" "Good, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, very good!" The little emperor spoke insincerely, looking at Shu Ling with a trace of anger in his eyes. Shu Ling felt that his face was much better than just now. She patted the dust that didn't exist in her hand. Then she said with a smile, "Now Gu Feiyu and Wei Tingzhang are no longer threats. As long as Nanyu is pacified, the emperor can rest easy." "Humph." The little emperor said disapprovingly, "Sister Huang is wrong. As long as I am the emperor for one day, I can't rest easy unless.." "Hm?" Shu Ling looked at the little emperor who wanted to speak and stopped in surprise, but never waited for the following. The little emperor looked away and said, "It's nothing. This is the end of the matter. The guilty minister has been punished. For the sake of my mother, I won't continue to pursue it. I just don't want anyone to mention it again in the future, so that I won't change my mind." Shu Ling was a little surprised. The little emperor's behavior was not like his style. She pretended to be puzzled and said, "Isn't the emperor afraid of giving them a chance to breathe?" The little emperor shook his head and was very disdainful of Shu Ling's words. "Don't forget, Sister Huang. There is no blood left in the former Dynasty. What did they do?"? People's hearts are self-serving, without common interests, they are just loose sand, in a few years or more, I am afraid they have forgotten who they are. ” Shu Ling saw him say so, also did not continue this topic. Originally, she wanted to leave, but the little emperor kept her for dinner, and the subsequent events left her at a loss. Looking at the little emperor's undisguised "change of taste", she did not know whether to ask curiously or pretend not to know. She was absent-minded here, but the little emperor was enjoying it, as if the previous anger was an illusion. Shu Ling is almost certain that this man has really changed, but what about the original little emperor? Think of that one "Huang Jie" person, Shu Ling almost could not help questioning on the spot, but in the end she calmed down, she was afraid of self-defeating. With her perception, that person is really ruthless to do anything, afraid of the original nothing, she was a provocation, but become something. After thinking about it, she pretended to be puzzled and asked, "The emperor must have had a hard time outside before. Look, the taste has changed. In the past, the emperor didn't eat so heavy food." The little emperor gave her a meaningful look, nodded and said, "Indeed, I can't change it for a while." Shu Ling showed a very distressed look and said, "Your Majesty, don't blame Ruifu for being talkative. The imperial doctor said that these heavy things should not be eaten too much, otherwise it will be harmful to health. It's good for the emperor to make a tooth sacrifice occasionally. If you have three meals a day, you can avoid it." "Is it?" The little emperor looked at Shu Ling, put down the chopsticks in his hand and said, "Since the emperor's elder sister has good intentions, I will think about it, but.." I thought he was going to say another half sentence, but he chuckled and seemed to have made up his mind and said, "I've thought about it for a while, and I'll go to Huangjie's house another day to have a talk and see how Huangjie keeps in good health." Shu Ling did not know what medicine he was selling, but since he had said it clearly, she could not refuse,Iron Nail Making Machine, so she readily answered. But it wasn't long before she regretted it! It turned out that the so-called few meals of the little emperor were not one or two meals at all. Relying on the proximity of the Princess Mansion and the palace, he almost didn't set up three meals a day in the Princess Mansion, which made all the people at a loss.